"Center for Children's Talent Development"

How to make the future of our kids peaceful and happy?

What are the essential skills we can convey today to ensure their happiness tomorrow?

Conflict Resolution - how to peacefully resolve disputes and differences, cooperate in diverse communities, respect and create dialogues.

Technical Proficiency  - its not enough to learn technologies, but it is vitally important to use technology for positive change, innovation and sustainable progress.

Creative thinking  - it is about the boundless power of imagination, ability to envision and create a future marked by artistry and transformative ideas.

IvAlive team worked out the concept of multicultural center for kids and teenagers with the strong focus on these three components.

We have studied the best methodologies existing in the world and we are ready to apply them in our multicultural project.

We will open the door for children of various nationalities to become Co-creators

Meet in the inspiring space, force creative expression, discuss, perform their talents, present their culture, and learn about others, embrace their dreams.

Support of integration of Ukrainian kids

Our centers will provide a special program for Ukrainian children temporarily residing in Switzerland due to the conflict in Ukraine. This program will support their integration, help them manage the stresses of adaptation, maintain their identity, and continuing their language and cultural education. 

We want to restore their belief in dreams that once seemed lost.

Become a friend of tomorrow

We invite like-minded people to join us 

You can support the project by your donations, your ideas, your time!

Believe us - you will get inspiration in return! the kids are amazing! 

Let’s the kids embrace their dreams!