Parlez-vous francais?

French is one of the official languages ​​in Switzerland. About 20% of the country's population communicates in French. It is most widespread in the three "French-speaking" cantons: Neuchâtel, Vaux and Geneva.

To integrate into Swiss society, it is important to learn the language as the main source of communication.

We share current free French language courses:

- French course from Campster

The course is perfect for those who are just starting to learn French: the A1.1 course is available on the platform.

- Channel Gayane Khachaturian

French lessons with explanations in Ukrainian can be found on Gayane's YouTube channel. There are already 8 lessons on the channel.

- Free lessons from Ensemble en Français

Free online French course for Ukrainians who were evacuated or plan to go to France and other French-speaking countries due to the war.


- LingoHut

125 free lessons, which are divided by topic.

Basic French Language Skills

A free online course where students can earn a certificate. One of our best picks for beginners.

Empower Lingua is an online French language course for beginners in the format of video lessons. What words sound similar in Ukrainian and French? How are the letters of the alphabet read? Basic prepositions and pronouns

- 50 languages ​​- online French course for beginners. The course contains 100 lessons divided into separate topics. Download the app in the App Store and Google Play!

- Course from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Course for level from B1. One of the best online French courses for beginners. Taught entirely in French.

- Lessons from TV5Monde

More than 500 lessons of different levels are available on the platform. The site is entirely in French, so we advise you to immediately turn on the automatic translation function from Google translate.

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December 13, 2023