Only 40% of the population of Switzerland own their real estate, the rest rent it. Therefore, it is more difficult to find decent and affordable housing here than in other European countries. Due to high demand, apartments are rented out with many requirements. This article will help you understand the housing rental system in Switzerland.

Most of the apartments are rented through portals and applications for renting and selling real estate. In most cases, housing can be found on the Comparis portal.

There are also suggestions on social networks, such as Facebook, among effective ways of looking for housing. Before transferring money, be sure to inspect the home first.

Inspection of housing and submission of an application

If you find a home that you like and fits your budget, contact that person. Make an appointment to view the home and ask your questions. Afterwards, submit your application. In most cases, the application form can be obtained during the housing inspection. If you have not received a form, it can be obtained on request or downloaded from the rental property website. In most cases, several people claim and submit applications for the same housing. Therefore, you should apply for its rental as soon as possible.

To apply, you will need the following documents:

- Completed application form

- Extract from the register of debtors/official - Document from the social service

- Recommendations and confirmation letter

-Application cover letter (optional)

If the landlord has selected you as a potential tenant, they will usually contact you by phone. After that, you will usually be mailed a rental agreement. Read the rental agreement carefully. Also, show the contract to another person or social services representative and ask them to check the contract.

Once you have signed the contract, it becomes legally binding. Send copies of the contract back so the landlord can sign the contract as well. You will receive your copy signed by all parties to the contract.

Before moving into the apartment, it is necessary to transfer the security deposit under the rental agreement to a blocked account. In no case do not pay in cash or transfer to the landlord's private account.

Below are useful links and applications that you can use to monitor your home regularly:

Another option for a quick and efficient search for housing is applying for a rental service to a real estate agency. This service is paid, but it will significantly speed up the process of obtaining the necessary housing.

Renting an apartment in Switzerland is a mission possible, you just need to follow the rules clearly and be prepared for a positive response!




December 13, 2023