"THE PHOENIX DREAMS" are stories of Ukrainian children that need to be heard.

The main goal of this initiative is to show what Ukrainian children go through, what they think and dream about. And to remind us once again that every child deserves a happy childhood.

How did this book come about?

Children who took refuge in Switzerland because of the full-scale invasion shared their stories with us:

Where they came from, what they did and what they loved before the invasion, what they dream about and what they wish for Ukraine.

The stories and memories of our heroes are pure and frank, sometimes naive and at the same time deep thoughts about their own fate, the fate of their homeland, and most importantly - their dreams!

We added just a little bit of modern technology - we instructed artificial intelligence to recreate children's dreams in the form of familiar and unfamiliar fairy tales.

Dear friends, your support for this project is very important. Therefore, we will be grateful for your donations and help in scaling the initiative.

Let's do our best to make the future of Ukrainian children bright and carefree.