Parking in Switzerland is a synonym for a headache: sometimes it is expensive, and sometimes there is no space. Parking lots are very expensive, and street parking in the center may be completely absent or busy.

Street parking areas must always be drawn with a line on the asphalt. Parking conditions differ depending on the color of the line:


Blue parking zones

This is free parking for 1 hour in the presence of a blue parking card as a dial, where the parking time is displayed (purchased from the police, banks tourist offices, and gas stations, included in the rental car kit).

It is unnecessary to display between 7:00 p.m. and 7:59 a.m. because it does not count this time.

At night, you can leave cars in the blue zone free.


White parking zones

This is a paid parking area(sometimes free in Geneva - follow the signs). The usual price is about 1-2 francs per hour, twice as expensive in the center, and is displayed on the nearest payment machine. Free parking is allowed at night (exact hours are indicated on the sign near the parking lot) and sometimes on weekends. In the center, street parking is usually limited to 1-2 hours.


Yellow zones

This means no parking (private area)


Red zones

This is free parking for 15 hours with a red parking card (purchased from the police, tourist offices, and banks).


Fines for Improper Parking in Switzerland

If you park too long over the allowed limit, getting a fine of 40 francs is very easy. And if you insist, the fine will increase!

Paying over 1000 francs for the tail of the car sticking out for more than a few days is not a problem! So don’t save with a fine by not paying for parking - it will be worse!

December 13, 2023