• 1 month
  • 10 inspiring and productive meetings for proactive Ukrainian women
  • 20 theoretical and practical lectures
  • ♾️ infinite energy, positive vibes, and new ideas!

This summarizes the WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT 2 program in Geneva.


On March 2, we met with the program participants for a brunch to reflect on our collaborative journey — engaging, productive, and intensive. The journey is continuous, signifying that there are no bounds to growth and improvement.


Throughout this month of training, the participants celebrated each other's achievements, learned, gained experience, and built a strong women's community, offering mutual support and guidance.


The program was more than just lectures and workshops; it was a journey each participant undertook to fulfill their dreams and goals.

They received support from extraordinary experts, professional speakers, volunteers, and the entire team, backed by the foundation's partners.


Each participant experienced a personal transformation over the month. This fills us with immense pride as the future promises even more success, brightness, and achievement.


You can view photos from our warm and sunny meeting at the provided link:



March 20, 2024