According to the program for granting temporary "S status" for Ukrainian immigrants from March 2022, there are certain rules regarding the departure of Ukrainians from Switzerland.

If a Ukrainian with S status plans to travel to another country, he must notify SEM and EVAM before leaving.

If your trip will last longer than 5 working days, you must notify EVAM before departure. This rule applies to all Ukrainians with S status and even to those who do not receive social assistance in Switzerland.

Attention! For the period of stay abroad, the provision of social assistance to holders of "S status" is temporarily suspended.


Schengen area.

The duration of the trip within the Schengen zone should not exceed 90 days within 180 days. In order to leave, a Ukrainian must have a valid foreign passport and an issued "S status".


If a Ukrainian travels to a country that is not a member of the Schengen zone for a period of two or more months, the "S status" is canceled, because such a trip is considered a change of residence.


Is it possible to go to Ukraine?

Departure to Ukraine is allowed, but you must notify EVAM about your trip and specify the period of stay and the purpose of the trip as clearly as possible.

Attention! "S status" can be canceled if the refugee stays in Ukraine for more than 15 days per quarter. However, this rule does not apply to those who can prove that such a long stay is due to valid reasons - care for a sick relative, preparation for returning to Ukraine on a permanent basis, etc.

December 13, 2023