On March 12, 2022, Switzerland activated a special legal status, type S residence permit, for citizens of Ukraine who left Ukraine due to the war.

In many Swiss cities there are free or inexpensive swimming pools and baths, where you can cool off in the warm season of the year. For example, in Bern, entry to the Marzili and Lorraine beach complexes is free, including the use of toilets and showers. You can bring food with you or use the restaurants on the territory of the complexes.





Free visit to the zoo

Residents of the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land can visit the zoo free of charge by presenting their ID and status card at the ticket office.

Link: https://www.zoobasel.ch/de/


The Aarebad swimming pool is very popular among locals. It is located, however, at a distance from the city of Bern and the entrance there is paid (5 francs per adult). However, it has excellent infrastructure at its disposal, including a restaurant, and is located on the picturesque banks of the Aare River.

Link: https://www.badi-info.ch/be/muri.html


Free visit to cultural objects

Numerous cultural institutions in Basel offer free admission to refugees: those who have refugee status and are residents of the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land, presenting their ID and status card at the box office.

Link: https://www.kultur.bs.ch/engagements-initiativen/kulturcommunity/angebote-fuer-gefluechtete-menschen-und-asylsuchende.html

December 13, 2023