On 12/18, more than 100 young Ukrainians and their families attended a holiday organized by the founder of the foundation and the IvAlive team for St. Nicholas Day.

Smiles, sincere hugs, children's laughter and sometimes even tears...but from joy. On this special day, we united to create a festive atmosphere and bring a piece of Ukraine into the lives of immigrants in Switzerland.

Also, Ivanna and the team's week-long searches and sleepless nights were not in vain, and as a result, we entertained the children with Ukrainian books, which are so lacking abroad.

And there were also songs, ruhankas, aqua grime, goodies, St. Nicholas and, even, angels came to visit us.

We are happy that we managed to arrange this wonderful holiday and we only plan to expand such events for Ukrainian immigrants in Switzerland.

Therefore, if you want to join and help us do more good deeds, we will be grateful for your donation.

P.S. To see more photos from the holiday, follow this link: click here!



December 13, 2023