Switzerland...How different, beautiful and full of traditions you are...Let's get to know each other? 

It’s a country with a great cultural heritage and traditions that differ from region to region.


📍What is worth the Festival of Sailing Ships in Geneva, which takes place on Lake Leman. Here you can see sailing ships from different countries of the world taking part in races and ship parades.


📍Or Masljana in Basel (yes, yes, they also have Masljana) is a traditional festival that takes place before Great Lent. At this time, the city turns into a real oil festival, where people are dressed in bright costumes, play musical instruments, dance and celebrate.


📍Or the Festival of giant dragons in Lucerne, which attracts thousands of spectators... This is, in general, something incredible. And what about everyday life? The Swiss are still fans of traditions.

They have a rule to feed the birds in winter, they always take a responsible attitude to rest and carefully plan it, they adore cheese and chocolate (it's not for nothing that they are considered the best).


They even have favorite national cheese dishes. Raclette is a dish of melted cheese served with potatoes and beans. But fondue is a cheese sauce into which pieces of bread are dipped.


Switzerland is a unique country. Of course, our mentality and cultural habits are different. But Swiss and Ukrainians have one thing in common - love for freedom and their Motherland

December 13, 2023