For many Ukrainians who are currently in Switzerland, the issue of employment is very acute.

One of the most important features of the Swiss market is high competition. Working in Switzerland is a very attractive prospect for all civilized countries, so here you have to be prepared to compete with almost all of Europe

We offer a list of the best resources for job search, including those specifically oriented towards Ukrainians in Switzerland:

It is necessary to send at least 10 resumes per month. This is a recommendation for everyone: both Swiss people registered for unemployment and Ukrainians.


Use all the classic methods of job search: use websites and social networks, come to the company in person and leave your resume at the reception desk, call and write directly.


Create a LinkedIn profile if you don't have one yet.


Create a quality resume. It should be designed in a way that local employers are used to.


Attend various events, communicate with people who work in the industry that interests you. Networking is a very important point in the employment issue.


Visit job fairs and attend events related to employment. Many Ukrainian charitable organizations arrange meetings with representatives of recruiting companies for compatriots.


Register with the Employment Center. "It is a widespread and powerful system in Switzerland that not only helps in job search but can also assist in obtaining another profession.

Useful sources for finding a job in Switzerland

Jobs for Ukrainians abroad. You need to complete a simple registration, select a region, and receive job offers. You can also set up email notifications based on your preferences. They have their own Telegram channel where vacancies are posted.

Convenient job search by region of residence. Many job opportunities in various fields.

The "Jobs in Ukraine" platform by Adecco Group, a leading global HR consulting company, has created a free platform for any company wishing to offer jobs to Ukrainians. Candidates need to submit their application through the platform, and company representatives will contact them to offer jobs and connect with employers.

A well-known global social network for job search and professional networking. To effectively search for jobs, you should have a profile on this platform.

A large job search resource that also focuses on assisting Ukrainians. You can follow the link and immediately browse jobs for Ukrainian refugees.

In addition to a large number of job offers in Switzerland, this platform provides valuable information for job seekers.

A major job portal for job search. Convenient search and easy registration.

Job offers throughout Switzerland. Over 200,000 online vacancies.

A comprehensive resource for convenient job search. You can upload your resume and view vacancies from various companies. Accessible without registration.

Another resource for job search in different countries worldwide. They have a mobile app that can be downloaded to receive notifications about new job openings.

A resource with job offers for Ukrainian refugees. 

One of the largest job and personnel search sites in the world. Millions of job offers.

A large collection of job vacancies in different regions and industries. Convenient search.

An international job search resource with a large selection of vacancies in Switzerland.

Offers both temporary and permanent positions, provides useful advice and consultations.

A website with job offers in hotels, including kitchen jobs for chefs, assistant chefs, and waiters.


Vacancies and opportunities for Ukrainians in a dedicated Telegram channel. In addition to job offers from various websites, you can find job search advice there.

Helps find permanent or temporary employment, provides advice, and assists with resume and cover letter preparation.

A powerful internet agency for job search and recruitment. 200 vacancies from 40 companies.

December 13, 2023