Women's Empowerment is a program for ambitious, proactive Ukrainian women in Switzerland - began on September 16th.

IvAlive Foundation together with Ukraine Reborn association created a modern curriculum for those who seek development and self-realization.

Women's Empowerment program is:

✔️personal growth;

✔️ networking and quality communication;

✔️ expert opinion;

✔️mutual support;

✔️ new ideas.

Each participant took a bold step towards a successful and bright future with her participation.

Already from the first week of classes at lectures, ambitious Ukrainian women received knowledge and motivation from many experts and coaches.

They were inspired to achieve their goals, received support, new ideas, networking and live communication.


2.5 months of work and meetings are ahead.

Photos and videos from Women's Empowerment program meetings at the link

IvAlive - Infinity of Good Deeds!

December 13, 2023