Easter Holidays together with IvAlive Foundation!

In the period from April 10th to April 20th, the IvAlive Foundation team organized an Easter family camp for Ukrainian families currently in Switzerland.

Two weeks of our Easter Camp flew by very quickly.

We had a fun and useful vacation with children and parents: we danced with a professional choreographer, sang with a famous musician, painted Ukrainian Easter eggs with an artist, and also created real art objects using the methods of famous artists.

Also, the IvAlive team together with the children visited the tulip festival, where they tasted frosty and had fun. The last day of the camp was special. They had an active time, there was everything: quests, a concert, dancing, singing.

At the family picnic, everyone tasted Italian pizza and various goodies.
Ukrainian children also received gifts from the IvAlive Foundation and founder Ivanna Onufriichuk.

The joyful laughter of children was heard everywhere.

IvAlive - creates love for everyone, because during this time we have become one big family.

Our team is very happy that we managed to organize a camp where every child was able to develop their talents, make friendships, and have fun and useful time.

The IvAlive Foundation does everything to ensure that Ukrainian children always feel comfort, love and warmth.

We thank everyone who rejoiced with us!

Until next time!

P.S. You can view more photos and a videos about how Ukrainian children spent their holidays with IvAlive Easter Camp at the link below:


December 13, 2023