For the second consecutive year, our Easter camp has shown how creativity uniquely brings out the best in children.

This year, as last, the IvAlive team hosted an Easter camp in Switzerland for Ukrainian children, ensuring that the holidays were filled with development and fun. We were prepared even better this time, making the camp's program even more engaging and active.


Together with the foundation's volunteers, we designed a variety of activities for the children, including creative workshops, excursions, and both educational and entertaining sessions.


A delightful observation this year was the active participation of not only the children—who engaged in dancing, singing, crafting dolls, pencil cases, and bracelets, and decorating Easter cakes—but also their parents. It was truly heartwarming to see parents bringing their children to camp with such joy and tranquility, staying on to engage and interact with them.

We firmly believe that creativity not only boosts spirits and fosters a positive outlook but also unveils and illuminates children's talents. The fact that our camp facilitated this and created moments of joy for both children and parents is our greatest achievement!

We look forward to continuing these cherished family Easter traditions with IvAlive.


IvAlive - Infinity of Good Deeds!


You can view more photos and videos from IvAlive Easter Camp 2 at the link below:

May 02, 2024