How can a Ukrainian settle in Switzerland and where can he/she ask for help?

So, point one - staying in the country:

Switzerland has activated a special protection status, the so-called “temporary protection Status S”. It gives refugees from Ukraine the opportunity to live in Switzerland for one year.

To obtain S status, Ukrainians must apply through the RegisterMe website. It will only open if you are in Switzerland.

Social assistance

Holders of S status receive social assistance from the canton to which they were assigned if they are unable to earn a living.

First Aid

As soon as you are assigned to a canton, you can register for compulsory health insurance with the cantonal authorities.

You can get a free medical consultation throughout Switzerland by calling +41 58 387 77 20.

Job search

With S status, you can officially work in Switzerland or open something like a Ukrainian “FOP” (but for this you need to get a work permit in the canton where you are going to work).

Searching for housing: what are the options?

  1. Live in centers for displaced persons.
  2. Stay with friends and relatives.
  3. Find shelter with residents.
  4. Rent-paid housing.
And for additional questions, contact:
November 28, 2023